VCare | Smart DIY Security System

Simple, Secure & Smart Security Alarm System

Secure your home or business with the easy to install, do-it-yourself VCARE Smart Security Monitoring Alarm System.
Whether you are on vacation, at work, or have your business place closed for the evening, the VCARE Smart Security Monitoring Alarm System helps your home or business place stay secure.
Instantly receive emergency alerts, calls, and live video streams anywhere, anytime directly to your mobile phone whenever unwanted activity or intrusions are detected.

Fully Customizable

Tailor your package to meet your needs.
Add up to 20 remote controllers, 8 SOS buttons, 99 Door/Window or Motion Sensors,8 smoke/gas detectors, 8 medical call buttons,8 water leakage sensors, 4 intercoms and 4 cameras just by scanning QR code.

Completely wireless

Easy DIY installation with no need to run wires.


Mobile Access

Remotely monitor and control your VCare security system from anywhere. Compatible with IOS and Android devices.

User Guides



Customizable to meet your needs

Create your own custom package and add additional accessories

Door / Window Sensor


PIR Motion Sensor


SOS Button


Remote Control


Medical Alert Button


Water Leakage Sensor


Smoke Detector


Gas Sensor


Indoor IP Camera


Outdoor IP Camera


Strobe Siren


Signal Repeater